Makers of FlightView EFIS and FlightBox ADS-B

Open Flight Solutions is dedicated to the idea that aviation technology does not have to be expensive. Our FlightBox ADS-B receiver changed the industry, bringing affordable situational awareness to thousands. Now we're stepping things up with FlightView, a simple yet powerful EFIS that leverages off-the-shelf technology to raise the bar while lowering the price.


Get real-time weather updates with NEXRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, and more - no subscription required.


Enhance your ability to see-and-avoid with direct ship-to-ship and rebroadcast ATC traffic.


FlightBox includes a WAAS GPS receiver - perfect for wifi-only tablets or as a backup to your primary GPS.


FlightBox has been tested with many popular aviation apps including WingX Pro, iFly GPS, FlyQ EFB and FF.


The optional AHRS sensor suite drives synthetic vision and provides a backup attitude source.


Designed as a modular framework, FlightBox allows you to upgrade as new features and functions are added.


Built from aviation-grade materials and incorporating active cooling, FlightBox is built to handle heat, UV, and vibration.


At only $239, FlightBox offers all the features of the Stratus 2S at 1/4 the price.


Open Flight Solutions stands behind FlightBox. If you have questions or issues, we're there to help.

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