ADS-B 101 Presentation


ADS-B 101 Presentation

Last Friday evening I had the honor and privilege of giving a presentation on ADS-B, Stratux, and FlightBox at VAA Chapter 16 in Gardner Kansas. The talk covered all the basics of ADS-B In and Out, as well as an introduction to Stratux and FlightBox. There were something like 30 – 40 people at the meeting, and they seemed to like the presentation, so I’ve decided to share a PDF of it for anyone who’s interested. They devoted over two hours of their weekend, asked a lot of good questions that I hope to wrap up into an FAQ, and in general were great hosts and a wonderful audience. (I ended up joining the chapter – $20 well spent.)

ADS-B Presentation

ADS-B is confusing: two system (UAT / 1090) and two function (out / in). I hope this helps clear up some of the questions. Please let me know if you would like a live presentation – I really enjoy meeting people and geeking out on all-things aviation.

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DevinPosted on  2:18 am - Mar 17, 2016

Shipping product?

    ssokolPosted on  3:34 am - Mar 17, 2016

    Starting to. 25 units went out this evening. Another 50 will go out tomorrow. I will be posting an update on the blog tomorrow or Friday.

TomPosted on  5:57 pm - Mar 19, 2016

great video, thanks for doing all this.

Rol MurrowPosted on  1:53 am - Mar 26, 2016

My kit arrived 3/23. Assembled and tested ok 3/25. Now have to get Wing-X!

RonPosted on  12:48 pm - Mar 28, 2016

Got my unit 3/25/16. Worked great on Foreflight on my IPad. Had my friend with his IPhone worked at same time.

Ron DixonPosted on  3:09 am - Apr 24, 2016

Does it work with the iFLY 740?

Tundra JoePosted on  3:24 pm - Apr 26, 2016

Received my kit. Very impressed, nice work. What power source do you recommend? Thank you

    ssokolPosted on  4:03 pm - Apr 26, 2016

    My personal preference is the Anker PowerDrive 2 cigarette lighter adapter. It puts out > 2 amps on each port, so it can run the FlightBox and charge an iPad at the same time. If you want to go completely portable, I recommend the Anker E3, E5, and E7 batteries. All of the Anker gear is available on (and they sell it cheaper than I can buy it wholesale).

MikePosted on  5:54 pm - May 3, 2016

how does this connect to the iPad? can I connect it to a computer at home? if so how? thanks so much looks like a promising product.

    ssokolPosted on  6:01 pm - May 3, 2016

    Hi Mike,

    The FlightBox acts as a Wifi access point. Your tablet, phone, or computer connects to it just like it would to your home router. You will need an EFB app on a mobile device to display the data. There’s an onboard web interface that lets you check status and adjust the configuration, but it doesn’t have a moving map or provide the weather data in a useable format. Please see the FlightBox page for list of compatible apps.



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