AHRS In Action Video


AHRS In Action Video

Pardon the poor video work, but it’s actually rather difficult to fly and film at the same time. This brief clip shows the new AHRS board in action. It’s a production board with beta software. The pitch is dead-on. Roll is off a bit, because the FlightBox was sitting in the seat beside me rather than mounted to a level surface. I’ll try to get a better video with a solid mounting next time the weather clear up here.

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LARRY DEEMPosted on  8:55 pm - Jan 19, 2017

does foreflight support AHRS in flight box.

Tony YaconoPosted on  6:52 pm - Jan 28, 2017

Steve, we have down loaded the up date after installing the new kit.
Now we can not get the GPS to come on and stay on. It will come on and cut off in a second or two.
Wht have we done wrong?

    ssokolPosted on  4:44 pm - Jan 29, 2017

    Hard to say. I’ve not seen that problem before. Have you tried disabling / reenabling the GPS from the settings page? If you can’t get it to stay on please let me know by email (support@openflightsolutions.com) and we can do some troubleshooting.

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