AHRS Now Available


AHRS Now Available

Add Some Attitude To Your FlightBox

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William G EberhardtPosted on  6:00 pm - Nov 28, 2016

Hi Steve, I inadvertently ordered the board only AHRS when I wanted to order the new top also. How do I get the top too.
Thanks for the help!
Bill Eberhardt

    ssokolPosted on  10:29 pm - Nov 28, 2016

    Hi Bill,

    Please send me an email to confirm (since this is a public forum) and I will cancel the board-only order. Then you can re-order the kit version with the top and fan.



Bill GibbonsPosted on  7:54 am - Dec 4, 2016

Hi Steve
Live in Australia. Great product.
Already have remote antennas and GPS.
With the pre order of AHRS board and upgrade do I have to have the antenna that comes with the upgrade or can I use the existing remote antenna that I have?
Any price difference if I can use the existing antenna to $160.00 US?

    ssokolPosted on  2:57 pm - Dec 5, 2016

    The only antenna that comes with the upgrade is the onboard antenna. The remote powered antenna will be available as an option for ~$15 USD. We are looking into allowing an alternate GPS source for use with the AHRS, but at this point the code uses the onboard GPS to correct for sensor drift.

LuisPosted on  4:30 pm - Dec 10, 2016

What will the price be for the complete kit with AHRS. Not an upgrade.

    ssokolPosted on  4:53 pm - Dec 10, 2016

    AHRS will always be an add-on for kits – this keeps it fairly simple. (We will offer complete assembled systems with AHRS – probably in late January.) For the next few months at least, the “complete” price will be the cost of the kit plus the cost of the upgrade.

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