And we’re live! Now on Kickstarter.


And we’re live! Now on Kickstarter.

Yesterday afternoon I received the “you’re clear for takeoff” message from the community manager at Kickstarter! As of about 5PM on Tuesday the campaign was live. We had our first FightBox backer within 15 minutes. The campaign has been live for less than a day and we’ve already reached 20% of our $10,000 minimum goal. Check out the campaign here:

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Edward KristyPosted on  5:39 am - Feb 15, 2016

I have an old Skypad with Voyager. Will your unit work with it?

    ssokolPosted on  3:17 pm - Feb 15, 2016


    I did a quick check of Seattle Avionics’ page on the Skypad. I don’t see any mention of ADS-B support as a feature of the product. I have to guess that they put their efforts into incorporating those features into FlyQ EFB instead. Sorry.


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