Back From Vacation, AHRS Challenge Extended


Back From Vacation, AHRS Challenge Extended

Just a quick “thank you” to everyone who has waited patiently for the past two¬†weeks. The vacation in France was amazing and an excellent opportunity to recharge the batteries. I’ve already begun digging out and will be shipping all of the backorders on Monday. I’ll also be going through nearly 500 email messages. It may take a day or so, but I will respond to all of them.

One other item of business: I’m extending the deadline for the AHRS Challenge. If you’re interested, you now have until July 15. Please keep in mind that the entries will be tested in the order they were received. The first entry to meet the qualifications will receive¬†the bounty, so get your entry in as soon as you have it tested and feel confident that it will work.

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Rolland WolfPosted on  6:49 pm - Jun 20, 2016

Any word on the dash mount

    ssokolPosted on  7:00 pm - Jun 20, 2016

    Yes – the fabricator I use is waiting on their neoprene supplier. Apparently the rubber guys are in the middle of moving, which has delayed the availability. They’re looking for an alternative supplier. If they can’t find one it may be a month before they can ship me the finished products. Sorry for the delay…

PhilPosted on  9:45 pm - Jun 20, 2016

Will the AHRS be a drop-in upgrade, or will a new unit need to be purchased?

Also, if the High Gain Antennas are selected, will they come in addition to the stock antennas or as a replacement to the stock antennas?

    ssokolPosted on  9:55 pm - Jun 20, 2016

    Hi Phil,

    AHRS will be a drop in, though you may have to buy a new top (we will offer them at close to cost for existing customers).

    High gain antennas are a replacement for the stock antennas. You’ll only get the high gains.



Robert MorrisonPosted on  2:27 pm - Jun 21, 2016

Steve, my discount code is not recognize on your site for discount ? Help appreciated.

CraigPosted on  4:04 pm - Jun 21, 2016

Steve – have you considered a dash mount that will hold a Flightbox and one of the common battery packs? Since the dash mount is for portability, it seems logical that some sort of mount that can support both would be ideal.

    ssokolPosted on  3:32 pm - Jun 22, 2016

    That may be a follow-on to the basic friction mount. I’ve been using the Anker Astro E3 packs for testing (I use their cigarette lighter adapter for my production rig) and it’s just about the perfect size to place under the FlightBox.

Robert MorrisonPosted on  11:52 pm - Jun 24, 2016

Steve, I just ordered the remote GPS, this can be used with your first edition of flight box ( forgot, I think you have Pi 2). Also, is there any software to load?
Thanks, Gunny

Steve GeePosted on  1:03 am - Jun 26, 2016

Big thanks. Hi I updated my aircraft for the mandatory ADSB roll out down under and will need to work for rest of my days to pay for it, so it was wonderful to receive the OFS Rasberry Pi and set it up, to see all those little planes flying by on OZRUNWAYS which if you don’t know when measured against the annual AIP Package charges at 4169 gives you everything you need and for extra $200 or so you get traffic fed from the OFS Box. Next step is to decide if I can use the mini Ipad or need to go to next size for in flight. The OZRUNWAYS package allows you to investigate an ADSB ping and see where they are and where they are going. Although its not TCARS it lets you view traffic way before you can see them and what way they are tracking. The detail of ozerunways maps in either VFR IFR RNC or HAC or VNC gives you instant choice. Just need a way of securing it all and tapping off from the aircraft 12V power the 5V sources for the OFS and IPad devices. Thanks Flight Solutions best gadget since sliced bread..and everyone on board can log in if they wish, something which GARMIN with WAAS and WIFI charge about $2000!!!

GARY LEVINEPosted on  8:44 pm - Aug 14, 2016

When will AHRS be available? Thanks gary

Walid elgamalPosted on  3:01 pm - Aug 18, 2016

Hello I just want to know if the flight box works with jeppesen app. I will appreciate your response before I go head an perches the flight box, and when you going to have AHRS added?

ilium007Posted on  11:49 am - Sep 22, 2016

Hi – will the AHRS output be compatible with Avplan EFB here in Australia ?

    ssokolPosted on  1:08 pm - Sep 22, 2016

    You’ll have to ask the Avplan team. We’re using an open pseudo-standard that works with WingX and several other EFBs. If their app has SynVis / attitude functionality they should easily be able to add support for our AHRS output.

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