Firmware Version 1.0 Now Available


Firmware Version 1.0 Now Available

For the past several months FlightBox has been shipping with a copy of Stratux v0.8r2. After several months of testing we’re happy to announce that an update to Stratux v1.0r1 is now available. 1.0 fixes a number of minor issues. Updates to the software include:

  • Fixed erroneous ownship altitude values
  • Fixed occasional crashes caused by malformed ADS-B data
  • Enhanced logging / debugging tools
  • Updated web interface with traffic distance / heading
  • Added ownship traffic suppression (beta)
  • Added tail number decoding for N and C registered aircraft
  • Performance improvements
  • Stability improvements

All together these make for a more stable and powerful system. The Stratux community has been using v1.0 since mid-July with no major issues reported. I’ve put about 20 flight hours and over 500 bench hours on the FlightBox 1.0 build with no complaints.

Please see the Update Tutorial page for a link to the update file and for installation instructions. (Or just use our new iOS app to install the update.)

As always, a big thank you to Chris Young and the Stratux community for all the work that went into 1.0!

Warning! Check the update file name!

When we launched the last update a few months ago we had a number of users complain that after installing the update their system stopped working – the dreaded “bricking”. To get everything back up and running they had to re-image the SD card (or send it in for us to re-image). It took a bit of digging but I finally figured out what was happening.

When you download the firmware file you wind up with something that looks like this:

If you happen to download it again, you wind up with this:

update-stratux-flightbox-v0.8r2a-db130aab76 (1).sh

It’s exactly the same file, but the download manager adds ” (1)” to the file name. The space you see between the end of the build ID and the open parenthesis is the culprit: it causes the installation to fail – and it also causes the delete command that should remove the .sh file from completing. So every time the system boots up it finds the update file, tries to apply it, fails, and reboots. Instant “bricked” system.

If you update manually (i.e. not using the new iOS app) be absolutely certain that the filename does not have a space in it. If it does, you will wind up bricking your system and will need to re-image, send your card in for update ($3), or order a new card from the web store ($13).

A fix that eliminates this potential pitfall will be included in (embrace the irony…) an upcoming update.

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AndrewPosted on  7:11 pm - Aug 30, 2016

Hi Steve, I updated and see the following under Errors:
“You are running an old Stratux image that can’t be updated fully and is now deprecated. Visit for further information”.

Is this ok? Everything seems to be working ok.

ssokolPosted on  7:19 pm - Aug 30, 2016

The very earliest version of FlightBox shipped with an image built on an older version of the Raspbian operating system. The Stratux project and the FlightBox build moved to a much more modern version in March, about the time we switched to the Raspberry Pi 3. The older version lacks some features that will be needed for future updates.

What that message means is that for future updates you will need an updated operating system image on your SD card. You’re good for the moment, but if you want optimal functionality and future updates will need to re-image the card, send the card in for re-imaging, or simply order a new pre-imaged card.

AndrewPosted on  8:44 pm - Aug 30, 2016

Thank you Steve! I apologize, I just read your comments on the website and commented to you without fully reading it. I will update the SD card using your directions, it seems simple enough. Sorry again about reaching out so quick.

ssokolPosted on  8:50 pm - Aug 30, 2016

No worries. I wish there was an easier way to do an operating system update.

Al Blakely CDPosted on  3:14 am - Aug 31, 2016


I downloaded your iOS app and used it to download and install the new update. It worked like a charm and was very easy. Thanks for that and thanks for your wonderful support.

Daniel R HammerPosted on  3:07 pm - Aug 31, 2016


I down loaded the iOS app and updated no problem. However now I get an error that I am not receiving any data? It says I am connected via wifi, but I can not access it via the IP address either on my iPad or my iPhone, even though it says its connected in your new app?

Help? I love the product….!!

    ssokolPosted on  3:15 pm - Aug 31, 2016

    Hi Daniel,

    I hate to redirect you, but this is probably better handled on the new forum. Please go here:

    And create a new topic with the category set to “FlightBox Support” – that will load in a template that asks some standard questions that should help to get you rolling.



John MajanePosted on  3:14 pm - Aug 31, 2016

When is AHRS going to be added?

    ssokolPosted on  3:22 pm - Aug 31, 2016

    This fall. It’s not as simple as it sounds. We’ve been through several iterations of hardware and software. Doing AHRS right requires incredibly complicated sensor data fusion (calculus). Doing it right on a portable platform that is not permanently mounted to the airframe and that does not have a magnetically “clean” environment is even harder. Nobody wants it more than I do, but if we’re going to release a product that people will use as a backup attitude source it MUST work right. Anything else is dangerous.

    Please see:

Mark KiedrowskiPosted on  11:12 pm - Sep 2, 2016

Re-Imaging The FlightBox Data Card, hey Steve looking for the .zip file to reload v1.0. No apple
products, waiting for android app. In the past I get the zip file, unzip it and reload to the memory card. The Re-Imaging The FlightBox Data Card location seams to pickup and older v.8r file.

can you re-direct or push me a copy of the zip v1.0
Thanks in advance.


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