Fix For Data Drop Issue, Vacation Next Week, Friction Mount


Fix For Data Drop Issue, Vacation Next Week, Friction Mount

 Service Bulletin: Fix For Data Drop

Many users have contacted me over the past few days with reports of a new issue. In flight (or when near an ADS-B tower) the data flow from FlightBox periodically stops. It typically happens after 5 – 10 minutes of operations, does not cause the wifi connection to drop, and is remedied (temporarily) by a disconnect / reconnect. It only impacts systems running UAT – users with 1090-ES systems in Europe and Australia are not impacted.

After a bit of research, it turns out that our friends at the FAA recently changed weather providers and that some of the new weather data is a bit dirtier (less scrubbed for format errors) than before. Specifically, the format of certain AIRMET messages causes a fault in the Stratux software that kills the process. The issue required a very minor tweak to the code to remedy.

We have an update available that will fix the issue. Please download the update and follow the FlightBox Update Tutorial instructions to update your unit.

Vacation Alert

My family and I are going to be out from June 6 – June 17 on a long-awaited vacation. We will be in France, exploring museums and enjoying awesome food. During this time, technical support will be limited email. Phone support will not be available. Orders placed between June 5 and June 17 may be delayed.

If you need any sort of support, please contact me ASAP. If you’re hoping for a FlightBox as a Father’s Day gift, please get your order in sooner rather than later.

Thanks in advance for your patience. We’ve had five solid months of FlightBox, and we’re already gearing up for Oshkosh. This break is going to really help recharge the batteries.

Friction Mount

I’ve had a number of users ask for an easy way to keep their FlightBox from sliding around on the glare shield. I ran a number of prototypes on the 3D printer and eventually settled on a design that is both simple and effective. It includes a broad base with a layer of sticky open cell neoprene rubber that prevents the system from moving. It’s made from the same Botaron aviation-grade plastic as the FlightBox and can be left on the glare shield for those who take their FlightBox home at the end of each flight.


I’ve ordered 100 of these from the fabricator and should have them by the time we get back from vacation. They will sell for $26.50 plus shipping. We will start offering them as an add-on to the kits as soon as they arrive.

Pro Tip for Remote GPS

FlightBox user Mike Albertson sent in a great suggestion for anyone who has their remote GPS receiver installed in a hard to reach location. Rather than removing the GPS every time you want to take the FlightBox out of the airplane, use an inexpensive USB pigtail cable:


Marketing Help

Unlike the other players in the ADS-B market, we don’t have a great deal of budget for marketing. That’s a large part of what makes FlightBox so much less expensive. If you happen to have a few minutes, please do us a favor. Download and print our flyer and hang it up on the bulletin board at your airport or in your EAA chapter hangar.


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Al BlakelyPosted on  11:15 pm - May 31, 2016

I hate to sound stupid, but when I go to the link you provided for the update, all I see is a bunch of code. No way to download. I’m using an iPad. How do I download the file?

    ssokolPosted on  11:36 pm - May 31, 2016


    You’ll need to use a computer for this. Apple doesn’t let you download and save things on an iPad or iPhone.



      luiz peregrinoPosted on  2:22 am - Jun 2, 2016

      my flight box is unable to conect to wifi.can i send data card and you send me new data card with new up dated? this hapened after i install gps remote, and im not familiar with computers.thanks

        ssokolPosted on  1:13 pm - Jun 2, 2016

        Sure. Please ship it to:

        Open Flight Solutions
        408 Camelot Dr.
        Liberty MO 64068

        I’ll get it back to you as soon as I can, but remember – I’m leaving for vacation on Monday.

      Henry M.Posted on  11:08 pm - Jun 6, 2016

      I am able to install an update using my iPad. I just installed the latest one yesterday. The trick is to store the file in the cloud, and make sure you make it available offline in your iPad.

      Im my case, I have a Box account, but it should work with Dropbox and others (I haven’t actually tried, though).

      Here’s what I do:

      1.) Upload the new .sh file to Box.
      2.) On your iPad, use the Box app to go to the file and make sure it is set to be available offline.
      3.) Connect your iPad to the Stratux network.
      4.) In the settings page, tap on the box that says “Click to select System Update file”.
      5.) Click on Box, then navigate to the file you want and tap it. (Sometimes folders are not obvious on the small window, so try moving them up with your finger).
      6.) The box in settings page of Stratux now says Install {filename}. Tap on it.
      7.) Stratux then says:
      success. wait 60 seconds and refresh home page to verify new

      When you initially click on the Stratux settings box to select the system file, if Box is not shown, click on More … and enable it. On my iPad, I get options to enable Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive, all of which I have installed apps for. Wouldn’t want to be without Cloud Storage access!

    RickPosted on  1:36 am - Jun 1, 2016

    I can’t seem to download the .sh file to an Android tablet either (unknown sources permitted), download unsuccessful msg. And I don’t have access to a computer with wifi radio. Is there a zip file with the update so I can use win32diskimager? Any other suggestions?

      ssokolPosted on  1:19 pm - Jun 1, 2016

      Not yet, but I’ll post a new image file today. I’ll add a note to the “Reimaging” tutorial.

        RickPosted on  5:25 pm - Jun 1, 2016

        I may have found a workaround for the direct download to android tablet problem. I downloaded the .sh file to my old computer. It is connected to my router network so my android tablet can connect to the same network. I then used a wifi transfer app on the tablet to upload from computer to tablet, then connected to flightbox and did the .sh update. I get success msg. With chrome i believe you need to clear history/cache/cookies then reconnect to flightbox to see the “Flightbox driven by Stratux” msg. I would still like the zip/img option for future updates if possible. p.s. saw your flightbox installed in an autogyro last weekend! Thank you.

Brian TuckerPosted on  11:33 pm - May 31, 2016

Steve, thanks for the updates – and enjoy your vacation. Could you make the 3D print code available for the base? so I can print my own 🙂

Harlan NelsonPosted on  1:50 am - Jun 1, 2016

The new version will not update in the STATUS tab. I followed the procedure, getting a connection to the unit and all appears well except for the VERSION remains the old version .8r2 when i reboot. Did several installs but no joy just will not show .8r2a.

Larry AtteberyPosted on  2:06 am - Jun 1, 2016

My computer will not connect and if I try to do it from my Andriod tablet then it says that the file does not appear to be an update. Any suggestions?

Al BlakelyPosted on  3:46 am - Jun 1, 2016

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t know that about Apple. I will use my MacBook Pro for the download. Have fun on your vacation.

PatrickPosted on  4:42 am - Jun 1, 2016

Can’t seem to get the update to work. Tried it multiple times. Downloaded the shell script twice, did a byte compare and the two are identical. So it appears I have downloaded it correctly.

The version in my FlightBox is: v0.8r2 (db130aab76).

I still see the “Stratux” heading, rather than the “Flightbox – powered by Stratux”.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance….

    ssokolPosted on  1:15 pm - Jun 1, 2016

    Are you running the FlightBox image on your system or did you image the SD card with the stock Stratux image? They’re not interchangeable due to the read-only filesystem on FlightBox.

      Frank LunnPosted on  4:43 pm - Jun 1, 2016

      I have the same problem as Patrick. A box says it downloaded successfully and to what 60 seconds to refresh. When I do I get this version ” v0.8r2 (db130aab76)”; not the 2a version. I’m on a macbook pro

      PatrickPosted on  5:41 pm - Jun 1, 2016

      AFAIK, I am running a FlightBox image. How do I verify that?

      I do not recall doing any updates to the box, except perhaps upon initial build.

      To reiterate in more detail, the box says is downloaded successfully, says wait 60 seconds and auto-reboots. I reconnect and the version has not changed.

      If necessary I suppose I could pull the SD card and reimage it directly on my PC. That would require distribution of a binary image, however, rather than a shell script. There appears to be a base64 encoded image in the shell script….

      Any suggestions, comments, complaints or flames are welcome…

    ssokolPosted on  1:18 pm - Jun 1, 2016

    The files sometimes get cached by your browser. Do a hard refresh (i.e. one that dumps everything cached and completely reloads the page – it’s Command + “r” on a Mac, not sure what it is no Windows) to see if you’re actually updated.

CalPosted on  5:43 am - Jun 1, 2016

I don’t see a forum where I can ask this so I’ll post it here. The update instructions say “Connect your computer to your FlightBox wifi network.” Great – so how do I do that? I opened network sharing center and clicked the “connect to a network” link (and a few others) but the Flightbox network doesn’t show up. I also shut down the Windows Firewall temporarily but that didn’t help. I’m using Win7. The Stratux connects to my iPad with no problem.

    ssokolPosted on  1:14 pm - Jun 1, 2016

    Hi Cal,

    That, I’m afraid, is beyond my ability to help with. I’m not a Windows user. Back in the XP days (the last time I used Windows) you could tap on the Wifi icon in the system tray and select a different network. I’m not sure how you do it on a current Windows system.

    Anyone here a Windows guru?



RandolPosted on  2:09 pm - Jun 1, 2016

I am unable to use the FlightBox in any way EXCEPT AHRS. The GPS position shows and the track display works (with the new remote GPS installed yesterday). The update will not download to either Android tablet that I use with FlightBox. I have been unable to get the Windows 7 computer to see the FlightBox to install the new fix.
Any suggestions?

    ssokolPosted on  2:23 pm - Jun 1, 2016

    Um…. AHRS is not a feature of FlightBox. It requires additional hardware sensors that are not included in the box. We are working on an upgrade that will add AHRS capabilities, but until that is available please do not enable the AHRS switch in the Settings panel.

    With regard to the update process, it’s not possible to do the update using a tablet. The browsers do not support the necessary download and upload protocols (not sure why). As for the computer – the easiest solution may be to borrow a different computer. I don’t have a Windows 7 system to test with, so it’s hard to know what’s happening there. It should connect so long as the wifi hardware supports 802.11n.

AngeloPosted on  4:35 pm - Jun 1, 2016

I have the stock Stratux image on my system : will I be affected ? Do I need to update with your release ?
And what’s the difference between the FlightBox image or the stock Stratux image ? Thanks

    ssokolPosted on  4:39 pm - Jun 1, 2016

    You’ll need to install one of the update for the stock Stratux. The FlightBox update most likely would not work.

    The key difference is that the FlightBox has a read-only root filesystem that makes it somewhat more difficult to corrupt. The other difference is the unique ID for the wifi SSID name. All stock Stratux systems appear as “stratux” which is a challenge if you have multiple stratux-equipped aircraft in the same area. The update files I provide take both of these differences into account.

CraigPosted on  4:51 pm - Jun 1, 2016

Hi Steve… Like some of the others I’m not seeing any change to the version number after I update. Still showing: v0.8r2 (db130aab76). I’ve cmd+R, cleared the cache, used Chrome (which has never connected to the FlightBox) and also used a different computer (which had also never connected to the FlightBox).

Should the version number increment to “a”? If not is there another way to determine if it updated?

Thanks in advance.

    ssokolPosted on  4:55 pm - Jun 1, 2016

    No, the version number won’t change with the update. That’s why I changed the HTML to use “FlightBox” instead of “Stratux” in the title and main heading.

    Does the dialog box that appears after you click the “Update” button the second time say “success”?

      CraigPosted on  4:57 pm - Jun 1, 2016

      Many thanks… I guess I missed that in your notes. And I do see Flightbox in the title, so I should be good! Thanks for the prompt reply and for supporting the fast fix to this issue.

Pete JohannesPosted on  3:30 am - Jun 2, 2016

Thanks Steve – I somehow missed the “FlightBox Powered by Stratux” line, and kept trying to re-load the update after seeing only the 8r2. After I re-read the notes, I checked, and it worked just fine!

Larry MersekPosted on  4:08 pm - Jun 2, 2016 connection timed out. Server taking too long to respond, site unavailable or busy…
I tried both internet explorer and Firefox.

My internet connections work and when I initially set up Flightbox I was able to access this site.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Larry MersekPosted on  4:14 pm - Jun 2, 2016

OK, problem solved!

Mark JonesPosted on  5:18 pm - Jun 2, 2016

I am running Windows 7 Professional and my computer will not open a .sh file. What do I need to do to open this update? I do have the 1/2 wave antennas with a ground plane and so far have not lost any traffic. Just got back from a flight this morning. As a matter of fact with the copper ground plane I actually receive traffic while sitting on the ground.

    ssokolPosted on  5:56 pm - Jun 2, 2016

    Hi Mark,

    You don’t need to open the .sh file. You just download it to your computer then upload it to the FlightBox (after connecting your computer to the FlightBox wifi network).

    The update takes care of an issue that can cause the FlightBox to stop sending data to your EFB application. You may not have run into it yet as the root cause is a change in the weather data that is being rolled out region-by-region. If it hits you, you’ll notice that your app stops getting weather and traffic, and you will have to reboot to get it back.



Mark JonesPosted on  8:21 pm - Jun 2, 2016

Thanks Steve. That all makes sense now. Have a super vacation.

Al BlakelyPosted on  1:29 am - Jun 3, 2016

Thanks Steve. I used my MacBook Pro and the update was flawless. Loaded the first time and checked as in the instructions for the right file and everything was there. Thanks again.

Paul DannebrockPosted on  12:48 am - Jun 6, 2016

I installed update and got the success message. Hit ok and waited 60 seconds. Unable to reconnect to flightbox with wifi. Tried many times and it won’t connect after update was installed. Thoughts?

Stephen DoughtyPosted on  2:57 pm - Jul 14, 2016

I did the same as Paul D. Now cannot connect to the flightbox, it does not even show up.
Steve, will you be at Oshkosh? I plan to be there on the 27th.

hopeful and upwardsPosted on  7:14 pm - Aug 21, 2016

Dear ssokol,
I believe what your are doing is MOST Righteous, kudos… if the stratux is based on the Pi CPU chipset… do you see a future in which the onion Omega2 which markets in the 5$ and up price range would be used for your gps/ads-B devices?…
-hopeful and upwards

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