FlightBox ADS-B


FlightBox ADS-B

We launched FlightBox on Kickstarter. In 30 days we found 344 backers who pledged $77,369 to make FlightBox happen. Here’s the story behind our project

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John FerrellPosted on  6:40 pm - Feb 25, 2016

I purchase a FlightBox Dual-Band ADS-B Receiver from you and was wandering if you are based out of Roosevelt airport 0N0 could I pick it up?

    ssokolPosted on  10:36 pm - Feb 25, 2016


    I am based out of Roosterville and I would be happy to meet you out there some time. I will send out a note to everyone when we start shipping. Just reply or call me and let me know when you want to meet.



DennisPosted on  6:00 pm - Mar 6, 2016

Hi Steve,

Just saw on the internet that the computer (Raspberry Pi 2) has been updated to a P 3. Will this be shipping with the first units? I did place my order already.

    ssokolPosted on  7:33 pm - Mar 6, 2016

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for your order! We will be shipping everything with a Raspberry Pi 2 for the next several months. The Pi 3 will require a good bit of testing before it could be used in FlightBox. As much as we would like to make the jump (the onboard wifi will be great) it usually takes at least one update to get all of the gremlins out of a new system. Also, the supply of Pi 3 units will be likely be limited for several months.



AndrewPosted on  3:45 pm - Mar 8, 2016

Hi ssokol, If I order this week can you tell me when you guys plan to ship this month? Just trying to gauge on how long the wait is.

Thank you,


    ssokolPosted on  12:36 am - Mar 9, 2016


    Thanks for your interest. We’ve got parts for 400 FlightBox units on order and we have outstanding orders for about 375. Our plan is to get everything ordered through the end of this week out in March. Anything thereafter will be a couple of weeks while we wait for the next batch of parts.



Bryon ZambelloPosted on  2:53 pm - Apr 12, 2016

Hello, Just saw this for the first time. Great, love this ADS-B solution for pilot info. Quick question:

What is the power source for the unit? Sometimes the rental/borrowed airplanes I fly either the cigarette lighter is already in use or it doesn’t work. Does it have a battery?

Thank you

    ssokolPosted on  3:39 pm - Apr 12, 2016


    Thanks for your interest. FlightBox does not have an internal battery, but it’s easy to use USB battery packs for a totally portable solution. My personal preference is the Anker E3 – it’s roughly the same size as the FlightBox and easily vecros to the bottom. You can get about 6 hours out of one, and they’re cheap enough to have several for longer flights. Anker also makes an E5 (8 hours+) and an E7 (12 hours+).



Bryon ZambelloPosted on  3:46 pm - Apr 12, 2016

Thank you for your info. That sounds like a good idea. I am interested in the box and may be making an order. Much appreciated and keep up the good work. BZ

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