FlightBox Beta


FlightBox Beta

NOTICE: Beta products are “test” releases which contain new features and functions, but which may also contain bugs. Beta releases are intended for advanced users who are comfortable with computers and related technologies. Proceed with caution.

Installing Beta Releases

Beta releases MUST be installed from the web user interface and cannot be installed using the iOS or Android utility applications. Please see the manual update tutorial for details on installation and verification.

Beta Features & Limitations

The current beta release is “v1.3b2” (published 6/18/17) which contains the following changes and enhancements:

  • Drivers for the OFS AHRS hardware board.
  • Improved auto-level function for AHRS sensors.
  • User-defined orientation for AHRS sensors.
  • Attitude indicator display in “GPS/AHRS” tab of web interface.
  • Includes G-force meter display in “GPS/AHRS” tab of web interface.
  • Serial output capability using RS232 cable.
  • Deadlock fix (symptom: system stops sending data but remains connected via Wifi).
  • Support for Ping EFB hardware

Known issues include:

  • AHRS occasionally initializes at an unusual attitude and/or with erroneous g-force reading.

All features in the current beta release will be made available in the main production release in the May / June 2017 timeframe.


Download the current beta update file here: update-stratux-v1.3b2-FlightBox-v542a68fc26.sh