FlightBox FB1X Dual Band ADS-B Receiver


FlightBox FB1X Dual Band ADS-B Receiver

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Mark KiedrowskiPosted on  10:27 pm - Sep 1, 2016

Hey Steve, is the correct file listed under the “Re-Imaging A FlightBox System” page. I downloaded it and seams to be the old V.8r2, I just went out to Youngs page and picked up the latest .img file,
seams to work fine after getting the correct off the status page.
Mark Kiedrowski
Austin, TX

    ssokolPosted on  12:12 pm - Sep 2, 2016


    That is the correct file – we have not yet built an image file with the v1.0r1 firmware. Install that image, then update using the app or the web update process. I hope to get a new image file with 1.0 built and uploaded next week.



      Mark KiedrowskiPosted on  11:19 pm - Sep 2, 2016

      Got it, I’ll use the Stratux v1.0 until you get a new image placed. On one of your pages, you stated not to use the young version as it did not read some file correctly?
      Works OK, just need to point to the new “stratux” wifi .

Polis VrionidesPosted on  12:31 am - Sep 2, 2016

My main objective is to get Wx on the iPad — WingX and/or FF; traffic is of no consequence to me. Which version of the flightbox would fit the purpose and would the optional 1/2 wave antennas be an improvement?

My plane is equipped with a GTN 650, Aspen 1000 Pro a GTX-330 and have TIS-B capability but no ADS-B out/in.

Thank you. Polis

    ssokolPosted on  12:15 pm - Sep 2, 2016

    Hi Polis,

    For a purely weather solution, the single-band version is all you need. All weather data is uplinked on the 978 MHz UAT network. The 1/2 wave antenna gives you roughly 3x the reception of the stock antenna, so if you live / fly in areas with limited coverage it can really help improve reception.



Polis VrionidesPosted on  3:15 pm - Sep 2, 2016

Thank you, Steve, for the quick reply.

Fred Quarnstrom CFIIPosted on  3:47 am - Sep 12, 2016

If I purchase the Dual Band receiver quick build kit will it come with the new operating system on the chip?

    ssokolPosted on  3:52 pm - Sep 12, 2016

    Hi Fred,

    The kits shipping these days have the latest operating system (Raspbian Linux 8.5 “Jessie”) but still have the v0.8r2 release of the Stratux software. The assembled systems are shipping with 1.0. If you go with a kit you will want to update to the 1.0 image at some point – the improvements are small but useful.

    We will start shipping kits with the 1.0 image in another week.



Nate D’AnnaPosted on  6:53 pm - Sep 30, 2016

Can someone tell me the differences (definition) between the dual band vs single band units?

Thank you so much.

    ssokolPosted on  7:05 pm - Sep 30, 2016

    Dual band is a purely US concept (with some applicability in Canada). A single band unit only receives on one of the two frequencies that are used for ADS-B in the United States. One receiver is tuned to the 978 MHz UAT band and receives weather and traffic data from UAT ground towers and traffic data UAT-out equipped aircraft. The second receiver is tuned to 1090 MHz and receives traffic data from 1090 MHz ground towers and aircraft with 1090-ES transponders.

    The rule of thumb is: if you only want weather, get a single band. If you want weather and traffic, get a dual band.

    You should keep in mind that if you don’t have ADS-B Out, you still won’t always see all traffic, even with the dual band. Please see the “ADS-B Traffic Demystified” section in the FlightBox User Guide on our support page for details.

randy moorePosted on  7:32 am - Oct 6, 2016

i bought the dual band system. if i install it in my cessna 15o will it meet the requirements for the 2020 FFA deadline

    ssokolPosted on  4:55 pm - Oct 7, 2016

    Hi Randy,

    I’m afraid not. The 2020 mandate requires ADS-B Out. FlightBox provides ADS-B In. And unfortunately, ADS-B Out systems for certified aircraft must all be permanently installed which requires TSO approval and an STC for your aircraft. Your best bet for that right now (presuming you don’t travel internationally in the 150) is the RANGR Lite UAT transmitter from FreeFlight. They cost about $2k. If your existing Mode C transponder is reaching the end of its life, you might want to consider one of the 1090-ES transponders from Appareo, Trig, or Garmin. They cost a bit more, but you wind up with one box covering both ADS-B and Mode A/C requirements.



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