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FlightBox Pro

Weather Traffic WAAS GPS Attitude Altitude

FlightBox Pro is the first multi-function ADS-B receiver to win FAA approval using the new NORSEE standard. That means it is eligible for installation in Part 23 / CAR3 aircraft and Part 27 and Part 29 rotorcraft as a minor alteration. You get full-time, hard-wired, dual-band ADS-B In, WAAS GPS, AHRS, barometric altitude – all for less than most portable ADS-B systems.

Professional Grade FlightBox Pro is ideal for flight school fleets, Part 135 operations, air ambulances, and other situations where a permanently installed solution makes sense.

Easy Installation FlightBox Pro requires only a power connection to your aircraft’s avionics bus. Antennas can be mounted inside the aircraft or externally. Most installations take one to two hours.

How It Works
FlightBox Pro receives ADS-B, GPS, attitude, and altitude information from a set of receivers and sensors. It forwards that information over a wireless link to EFB applications running on tablets or smartphones.

Key Features
  • Subscription-Free In-Flight Weather
  • ADS-B Traffic
  • Optional WAAS GPS
  • Optional Backup Attitude (AHRS)
  • Optional Backup Altimeter
  • Works with most aviation apps
  • Expandable / upgradeable

ADS-B Weather Features
  • NEXRAD radar (regional and CONUS)
  • METARs
  • TAFs
  • Winds / Temps Aloft
  • PIREPs

Additional FIS-B Products
  • TFRs
  • NOTAMs
  • SUA (Special Use Airspace) activity

Traffic System Features
  • Receives direct ADS-B and uplink ADS-R / TIS-B targets
  • Receives on both UAT and 1090-ES bands (with dual-band option)

Traffic Target Information
  • Location (latitude / longitude / altitude)
  • Heading
  • Ground speed
  • Vertical speed
  • Identity (ICAO, Registration)

GPS Features
  • Own-Ship location (latitude / longitude / altitude)
  • Ground speed
  • Ground track
  • Vertical speed
  • Vertical and horizontal accuracy

Attitude (AHRS) Features
  • Pitch
  • Roll
  • G-force
  • Slip / skid

Altimeter Features
  • Pressure altitude
  • MSL altitude (requires offset by application)
  • Vertical speed
The following EFB applications have been tested with FlightBox:
AvNav √  √   
AvPlan EFB √  √   
Droid EFB
FltPlan Go √  √   
ForeFlight* √  √   
iFly GPS
Oz Runways
True Flight √  √   
WingX Pro
Xavion √  √   

If you have a favorite EFB or navigation app that’s not listed, let us know. FlightBox is not currently compatible with Garmin Pilot or Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck / FliteDeck Pro.

Open Flight Solutions is not affiliated with or endorsed by this application vendor. Interoperability has been independently confirmed by third party users of the software.
FAA Approval ADS-B Receiver Frequencies
  • 978 MHz - UAT
  • 1090 MHz - 1090-ES
Power Supply
  • 12v - 28v DC (Ship's Power)
  • 5' wiring harness included
Expansion Capabilities
  • 2 USB 2.0 slots
  • 40-pin expansion header
  • 5.25" x 2.5" x 1.25" (with standard top)
  • 5.25" x 2.5" x 1.7" (with expanded AHRS top)
  • Made from Boltaron aviation-grade plastic
  • 0.5 pounds (base model)
  • 0.7 pounds (with optional AHRS)
Antenna Interface
  • 3x SMA female (UAT, 1090-ES, GPS)
  • 25mm x 25mm x 10mm 5v DC fan
Connectivity Standards
  • Wifi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n) - 2.4 GHz
  • RS-232 Serial (optional)
Data Exchange Standards
  • GDL-90
  • WebSocket
FlightBox Pro systems include:
  • Dual-Band FlightBox ADS-B Receiver
  • Inside Mount WAAS GPS antenna
  • 2x Inside Mount ADS-B Antennas
  • ADS-B Antenna Mount Bracket
  • 5' power wiring harness
  • User Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • 1 year warranty
  • 90 day unconditional return
Q) Can FlightBox Pro be permanently installed in a certified aircraft?

A) Yes. FlightBox Pro is FAA approved for permanent installation in Part 23/CAR3 airplanes and Part 27 and Part 29 rotorcraft.

Q) What is the difference between the "single-band" and the "dual-band" receivers?

A) In the United States (and southern Canada to some degree) there are two ADS-B systems in use: the 1090-ES system and the UAT system. If you are in the US, we highly recommend the dual-band system as it provides weather and a more traffic data. Outside of the US and southern Canada we recommend the single-band system with the 1090-ES receiver.

Q) Does the FlightBox Pro system include a GPS?

A) Yes. FlightBox Pro includes a WAAS-enhanced GPS receiver and a glare shield-mounted GPS antenna. The system may also be connected to a passive roof-mount GPS antenna (not included). Note that the WAAS GPS on FlightBox Pro is not a certified / approved position source for ADS-B Out systems.

Q) My tablet has a GPS. Do I need to one on my FlightBox Pro?

A) Yes. The GPS data is used by the FlightBox AHRS system and will also be used for future features.

Q) Where should I mount the FlightBox Pro in my aircraft?

A) The FlightBox Pro includes mounting rails that allow you mount it to your airframe in multiple orientations. To use the attitude features you will need to set the orientation prior to mounting the box.

Q) Does FlightBox Pro have a built-in battery?

A) No. FlightBox Pro is powered from ship's power - usually through the avionics bus.

Q) How do I power FlightBox Pro?

A) Your A&P mechanic or avionics shop will need to add a 2 amp circuit breaker or fuse - generally on the avionics bus - and connect the power leads from the FlightBox Pro's wiring harness to the breaker. Installation is simple, generally taking only 1 - 2 hours.

For a complete set of FAQs, please see the Support FAQ page.