FlightBox Update Tutorial


FlightBox Update Tutorial

A Few Warnings…

USE A COMPUTER WITH Wifi – NOT A TABLET – TO PERFORM THE UPDATE. It is not possible to perform the update from iOS as it does not allow you to download and store files. It may be possible from Android but it is not supported.

WARNING: When installing the update, use a 2 amp or greater power supply to run the FlightBox. DO NOT attempt to power it from your computer or from an underrated power supply. Failure to use an appropriate power supply can corrupt your data card!

WARNING: If you download the update file make ABSOLUTELY SURE that there are NO spaces in the filename. If you download the same file more than once you often get a file that looks like:

update-stratux-flightbox-v0.8r2a-db130aab76 (1).sh

DO NOT UPLOAD A FILE WITH A SPACE IN THE NAME – it may brick your FlightBox depending on what version of firmware you’re currently running. The space causes the update to fail in such a way as to leave your system unusable. To recover, you will need to either re-image the card or send it in for service.

Installation Video Tutorial

This video walks you through the basics of the update process. Please review it in its entirety before you begin.

Installation Procedure

To install an update:

  1. Download the latest update file to your computer.
  2. Power up your FlightBox.
  3. Connect your computer to your FlightBox wifi network.
  4. Point your browser to: (or if you are currently running v1.4r4).
  5. Navigate to the “Settings” tab. (See image below.)
  6. Click on the box that says, “Click to select System Update file”
  7. Select the file (looks like: “update-stratux-v2.0r4-FlightBox-67ccf8ea53.sh”) that you downloaded in step 1.
  8. Click the box that now say something like, “Install update-stratux-v2.0r4-FlightBox-67ccf8ea53.sh”


The system will respond with a pop-up box indicating either “success” or “error”. Click “Ok” to close the box. After 60 seconds re-connect to the FlightBox wifi network and  refresh the page. You should see the new version:


The version (highlighted in red above) should now read something like “Version: v2.0r4 (67ccf8ea53) – the version number should match the version number from the update file”. If it still shows the original version number, the update did not complete. If the update does not appear to have “taken” you may need to do a hard refresh on the page to replace a cached copy of the page. To do a hard refresh on Windows, hold down the “Ctrl” key and press F5. On a Mac, use Command + Shift + R.

Please DO NOT use standard Stratux updates: they won’t work – standard Stratux updates are not configured to work with the read-only filesystem on FlightBox.