More Power: Battery, Cigarette Lighter Adapter Now Available


More Power: Battery, Cigarette Lighter Adapter Now Available

When we launched FlightBox we consciously decided to go with a simplified design that did not include an internal battery. Batteries add weight, complexity, and liability to any product. By offering FlightBox with a standard 5v USB power input, we gave our users the option of using a cigarette lighter adapter, a battery, a solar charger or any other power source that could provide 2 amps at 5v.


After six months I still think this was the right choice: there are many FlightBox users who have found the flexibility to be extremely useful. Some users withe experimental aircraft have installed USB transformers. Most users who own certificated aircraft use a cigarette lighter adapter. CFIs who move from aircraft to aircraft throughout the day love the option of simply swapping batteries when needed.

But… the most common issue we run into is power. Many of the tech support calls and emails we field each week come down to inadequate power. After talking with a group of users at our booth in Oshkosh, it became abundantly clear that providing a number of trusted, reliable option for power was important. As a result we immediately added a USB cigarette lighter adapter to our catalog. The search for a battery took a bit longer.


Fortunately, it turns out that the need for a good source of portable USB power is not unique to FlightBox. As it turns out, the popular Pokemon Go game has made backup power for mobile phones practically a requirement. An old friend here in the KC area decided to capitalize on the demand for high quality batteries and ordered a large batch built to spec by a reputable manufacturer overseas. (At this point only Tesla is building lithium battery systems here in the States.) He gave me a sample to test and after a few weeks of abuse I am happy to announce that we now offer a battery.

The USB packs that we are selling are rated at 10,000 mAh which typically provide more than five hours of flight time on a full charge. (I’ve had the test unit last for 7.5 hours, but that was under cool, comfortable lab conditions.) They’re slim and weigh in at only 0.45 pounds. Most importantly, they consistently deliver up to 2.1 amps – more than enough power for a FlightBox. We’re offering them for $35 on the web store. They will come with a 6-inch USB cable and a set of velcro dots to (optionally) attach the battery to the FlightBox.

Note the supplies are limited: the Pokemon craze took up a big chunk of the supply, so we only have 50 in stock at the moment. More are on the way and should be here in September.

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Thomas E PhillippiPosted on  9:27 pm - Aug 24, 2016

Are there any plans for the FlightBox ADS-B to be modified to operate with the Avare navigater.

Joe McKerveyPosted on  8:17 pm - Oct 4, 2016

i have the DARQ battery but need a USB cale able to handle 2 amps.
GRT is now compatible with your ADSB through a serial input but does not explain how to get serial output from your unit.

Thank you

    ssokolPosted on  10:05 pm - Oct 4, 2016


    The battery came with a 6″ USB cable that is capable of powering the FlightBox. With only a 6″ run, the 22 AWG leads are fine.

    I have cables on order that you will be able to connect with an RS232 port on your EFIS. You will also need to update to v1.1r1 which should be out in another week or so. I’ve been working very hard on a number of new features. Keep an eye on your inbox – when I have it ready to go I will send out an update.



Jim PricePosted on  3:29 pm - Oct 30, 2016

I was wondering if your unit would work with either or WingX7Pro using the Amazon Kindle FIRE?

    ssokolPosted on  2:32 pm - Nov 2, 2016

    It will work with FltPlan Go, the app from It will work with WingX 7 Pro on iOS, but I don’t believe the Android version has support for ADS-B yet – I know Hilton was working on that, so you might check with them.

    I’ve not tried it on a Kindle Fire device, but if the app(s) will install and run it should work.

Tony YaconoPosted on  8:26 pm - Nov 20, 2016

Reference to the cigar lighter adaptor
Will it work well in an aircraft that has a 24voilt system?

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