Onward To Oshkosh!


Onward To Oshkosh!

A bit over three months ago we exhibited at Sun-N-Fun with DroidEFB, one of our application partners. The show was a huge success and resulted in over 250 orders over the next month. However, one of the most common refrains we heard was, “If you had them for sale here, I would buy one!”. Well, we heard you.


Not as much fun as the Tiger but it has a much higher gross weight.

We’re showing up to Oshkosh with nearly 400 dual-band FlightBox kits plus remote antenna kits, friction mounts, and remote GPS units. We’re exhibiting with Aerovie, another application partner. You can find us in Hangar C, Booth 3078.

Sun-N-Fun was a solo gig for me, which was something of a challenge. This time the whole team will be at the show, plus we have a number of volunteers who will be joining us.¬†We’re offering a new service as part of the Oshkosh experience. The new offer – called “20 Minutes To Taxi” – is a factory assisted build: you can borrow our tools and work with one of our expert builders to get your FlightBox system assembled, tested, and ready – usually in less than 20 minutes.

We will be exhibiting all week, so if you’re able to make it up to the big show please stop in and introduce yourself.

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Arthur GunnPosted on  5:58 pm - Jul 26, 2016

Bought one on Monday at OSH. Glad I got the assistance to put together. It was pretty easy.

Mark RossPosted on  6:09 pm - Jul 29, 2016

Hi. We’ve been trying to fumigate out what booth you’re in at OSH. Do you have one?
Pls text it to me at 301-922-4005

ABRaveloPosted on  12:07 pm - Aug 1, 2016

Bought 1 after excellent info from Sokol. Put it together with a Letherman. Had great flight back with real time traffic and weather. So cool.

DusterPosted on  6:14 pm - Aug 11, 2016

When do you expect to have the ADAHARS AVAILABLE?
I wish I had known you were at OSH.

Jim HeffelfingerPosted on  3:09 am - Aug 15, 2016

Well Steve…. How was the convention for you…

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