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Keith RheaPosted on  11:30 am - Jul 11, 2019

Steve: I currently have an RV7 with MGL Explorer Lite, V16,N16 radios, Sp7 ahrs, sp6 compass, RDAC,AP Servos. Uavionix ADSB, ST165 Transponder. I have had an MGL Xtreme on order for 2 months and Matt just emailed me that it would ship July 19th. I also use a 9.7″ ipad with FlyQ. I will be coming to KOSH on July 21st and will come by your booth. I am wondering how i can integrate your flightview system with what i have. I think you should have a can buss connection for the engine data and allow your separate AHRS. I could eliminate the Xtreme. and maybe only require minimal work. Your thoughts?

    ssokolPosted on  4:12 pm - Jul 13, 2019

    Hi Keith. Interesting question. I’m contemplating adding support for the MGL RDAC because that could help some users avoid a rip-and-replace of all the FWF gear (probes, senders, etc.). I don’t know if the MGL Explorer Lite outputs a data stream that would allow us to piggy-back on top of it, basically acting as a repeater that links to the FlightView app. If it does, we could probably make it work (we do something similar for Dynons’ SkyView). Ping me by email to discuss.

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