Using FlightBox

FlightBox User Guide

View the online FlightBox User Guide. (A work in progress – feel free to leave comments.)

FlightBox Troubleshooting

Please see the FlightBox Troubleshooting page for assistance with common issues.

FlightBox FAQ

Please see the FlightBox FAQ page for a list of frequently asked questions.

FlightBox Support Forums

Have a question that’s not covered in our FAQ or Troubleshooting Guide? Post it on our user forum.

Assembling FlightBox Kits

FlightBox Assembly Guide

View the online version of the FlightBox Assembly Guide.
Download the PDF version of the FlightBox Assembly Guide.

FlightBox Assembly Video

View the FlightBox Assembly Tutorial video.

Remote GPS Installation

The remote GPS requires a small modification to the FlightBox case. The GPS plugs into the top-center USB port (above the 978 MHz radio module). Please see the Remote GPS Installation tutorial for installation instructions.

Remote ADS-B Antenna Installation

The remote ADS-B Antenna Kit allows you to blind-mount your FlightBox in a cool / shaded location. Please see the Remote Antenna Kit Tutorial video for assembly instructions.

High Gain Antenna Installation

Installing the high gain antennas can be as simple as attaching them to the SMA bulkhead connectors. You can also use metal tape (included) to create a ground plane that can enhance reception. Please see the Ground Plane Installation Tutorial for instructions on installing the tape.

AHRS Upgrade Kit / Sensor Board

If you’ve received the AHRS Upgrade Kit, please check out the installation tutorial video. We also have a page that covers many aspects of the AHRS system, including the software update, FAQs, and limitations. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST INSTALL A SOFTWARE UPDATE BEFORE THE AHRS FUNCTIONS WILL WORK. SEE THE PAGE LINKED HERE FOR DETAILS.


Maintaining FlightBox

FlightBox Updates

The current release of FlightBox is v1.0r1. This update includes a number of performance and stability improvements. You can download the update here.

Warning: When installing the update, be absolutely sure there is not a space in the file name. See the tutorial for details.

Warning: When installing the update, use a 2 amp or greater power supply to run the FlightBox. DO NOT attempt to power it from your computer or from an underrated power supply. Failure to use an appropriate power supply can corrupt your data card!

See the FlightBox Update Tutorial page for a detailed tutorial on installing updates.

Re-Imaging A FlightBox System

Instructions for reloading the data card image on your FlightBox system. The current image file contains v1.0r1 of the FlightBox software.


Returns, Warranty and Repairs

Please see our warranty page for terms and conditions and for information on repair services.

Return policy:

  • Assembled systems and accessories in like-new condition may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund less shipping costs.
  • Unassembled, complete kits may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund less shipping costs.
  • Assembled kits may not be returned under any circumstances but are eligible for support and repairs as per our warranty policy.