Support Options

Open Flight Solutions customers have several options for support. We kindly request that you start with the online support resources below.

Trouble Ticket – If you are not able to find a solution to your issue using the online support resources, you may open a trouble ticket. Under normal circumstances we will respond within 24 business hours.

Phone Support – Phone support is available on a scheduled basis. To schedule phone support, please start by opening a ticket. We will respond to the ticket to schedule time for a phone call.

Community Forum – For support outside of business hours, please also see our community forum.

FlightView EFIS Support Resources

FlightView Installation and User Manual   - The definitive guide to installing and using FlightView. Continuously updated, so check back frequently.

FlightDock and FlightBar Installation Guide  
FlightDock Mounting Diagram
Please see our FlightView Frequently Asked Questions document for answers to many common FlightView questions.
FlightBar adds tactile controls to your iPad, making it easier to manage FlightView in turbulent conditions.
FlightDock is our universal* iPad mount with active cooling. FlightDock makes it easy to install and remove your iPad.
FlightLink is our unique USB cabling system. FlightLink makes installation of FlightView and related components much simpler than other EFIS products.

FlightBox Support Resources

FlightBox User Guide

A comprehensive guide to using FlightBox. Covers the process of connecting to FlightBox from your tablet or smartphone, verifying that your system is working properly, and using FlightBox with your preferred EFB application.

Download the FlightBox User Guide

FlightBox Video Tutorials

We have a number of video tutorials that explain how to connect to FlightBox, access the web user interface (UI) on the FlightBox, and use various EFB applications with FlightBox. Please see our video tutorials page for a full list.

FlightBox Troubleshooting

Please see the FlightBox Troubleshooting page for assistance with common issues.

FlightBox FAQ

Please see the FlightBox FAQ page for a list of frequently asked questions.

FlightBox Support Forums

Have a question that's not covered in our FAQ or Troubleshooting Guide? Post it on our user forum.

FlightBox Updates

We regularly release updates to the FlightBox firmware, adding features and fixing bugs. Updates may be installed using the FlightBox Utility app for iOS and Android, or using a manual process.

Stable Release - The current production release of FlightBox firmware is v1.4r5 released in July of 2018. This update includes native AHRS and barometric altitude support for ForeFlight as well as a number of performance and stability improvements. If you prefer to do manual updates, you can download the 1.4r5 update file here.

FlightBox Utility Update - See the FlightBox Utility User Guide for details on installing an update using the mobile app.

Android Users: Please note that there is a bug in the Android version of the FlightBox Utility that indicates an update is available even when your system is running the latest version. Please check this page and do not install the update if your system is already on that version.

Manual Update - See the FlightBox Update Tutorial page for a detailed tutorial on installing updates.

Beta Release - We do not currently have a public beta version available.

Re-Imaging A FlightBox System

Instructions for reloading the data card image on your FlightBox system. The current image file contains v2.0r2 of the FlightBox software.

FlightBox Kit Assembly

For users who are assembling a FlightBox Quickbuild kit. Please watch the assembly video and review the assembly guide before you being assembling your FlightBox system. If you are installing the optional AHRS upgrade, please see the AHRS Support section for additional information.

Watch the FlightBox Assembly Tutorial Video

Download the FlightBox Assembly Guide
GPS Support

All Open Flight Solutions FlightBox systems include a GPS. Customers have the choice of a Remote GPS or an Internal GPS. If at some point you find you would prefer the other form-factor, switching over is quick and easy.

Both the Remote GPS and the Internal GPS connect to FlightBox using a standard USB connector and provide WAAS-enhanced GPS services.

Watch the GPS installation video tutorial.

AHRS / Baro Altimeter

All FlightBox Plus and FlightBox Pro systems include attitude (pitch / roll) and altitude sensors. FlightBox ADS-B systems can be upgraded to include these sensors by installing our AHRS Upgrade Kit.

The altitude sensor requires no configuration or calibration. The attitude sensor (AHRS) supports user-selected orientation and level-point settings.

AHRS Troubleshooting

Upgrading A FlightBox With AHRS


RS-232 Interface Cable

Please refer to the RS232 Interface Cable support page here.

5 Hour USB Battery

How long should the battery run a FlightBox? - The USB battery pack provides up to 10,000 mAh of power to a FlightBox. This works out to somewhere between 5 and 6 hours of run-time under normal conditions.

Which port should I use? - Please use the port marked "Output 2.1A" and please DO NOT use the port marked "Quick Charge". The Quick Charge port is intended for charging cell phones only.

How do I charge up the battery? - Connect any standard 2 amp or greater wall charger (the chargers that come with tablet computers tend to be 2+ amps) to the micro-USB input on the side of the battery using a standard USB to micro-USB cable. You should see the blue charge indicators start blinking. When the battery is full, all four lights will be on.

How do I know how much charge the battery has? - When the battery is in use it will display its charge state via the four small blue LED lights on the side. Four indicates a full charge. To check the charge when the battery is not in use, press the small round button beside the indicator LEDs.

I turned on the bright white LED on the battery. How do I turn it off? - Press the small button on the side twice to turn off the flashlight LED.

Remote ADS-B Antenna Mount Kit

How do I assemble the remote antenna mount kit? - Please see the video tutorial here.

In cold weather the suction cups do not adhere to the window. - Yes, the suction cups are rather small and tend to become rigid in sub-freezing weather. Some users have replaced the suction cups with velcro, which is not temperature sensitive.

User Support

One year of user support is included with all FlightBox kits and systems. Support covers assembly assistance and operational troubleshooting. Telephone support is available on a scheduled basis between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday - Friday, Central time. To schedule a support session, please open a trouble ticket. Email support is available at (We recommend opening a trouble ticket as the response time is generally faster.)

Please note that while we make every effort to simplify the process of assembling and using FlightBox, it is a technical product and its use does require some understanding of technology. If computers and tablets are not your thing, you might want to get a technically inclined buddy to help out. Check out your local EAA chapter - you're bound to find somebody of a geeky bent who would love to help you get your FlightBox up and flying.

Please also note that support for EFB applications is largely dependent on the cooperation of the EFB vendor. We will do our best to help you, but we are not experts in every EFB application on the market.

EFB App Compatibility

We will do our best to help you make it work with the EFB software of your choice. We make no warranty as to FlightBox's interoperability with any particular EFB application. If your app vendor makes changes that break compatibility with FlightBox we cannot be held responsible.

Warranty - Factory Assembled Systems

All FlightBox factory-assembled systems (FB1X) come with a one (1) year warranty. Within one year of the date of purchase we will repair or replace any system that a) arrives "DOA" or, b) fails within the one year period.

Warranty - Kit Systems

All FlightBox kits come with a ninety (90) day warranty on parts. Within the 90 days following the date of purchase we will replace any part that a) arrives "DOA" or, b) fails within the 90 day period. This covers all components with the exception of the data card (micro SD card).

All Kit Sales Are Final: User-assembled kit products are not eligible for return, only repair. To make this very clear: if you order a kit and partially assemble it, you cannot return it. Consider Van's Aircraft, maker of the RV line of experimental airplanes. It is not reasonable to expect Van's to accept returns on customer-assembled parts or components. They cannot resell a customer-built stabilizer or wing. Similarly, Open Flight Solutions cannot resell or reuse

Damage Caused By The Assembler: The 90 warranty does not cover any damage caused by user error or mistreatment. In other words, if you break a part off the Raspberry Pi while assembling it, it's not covered. If you over-tighten a screw and strip it, it's not covered. If it falls out of your flight bag and hits the tarmac, it's not covered. If it sails off the glare shield when you make a sharp turn and the power connector gets ripped out, it's not covered. If you don't use glue or LokTite and the nut that holds the fan comes loose and shorts out your Pi, it's not covered.

If you break something and you let us know, we will (at our option) replace it at cost (plus shipping). On the other hand, if you ship something back to us without mentioning that it was damaged due to user error, we will charge you $65 / hour shop rate for any diagnostics and repair time, as well as the going retail cost for the part.

Repair service for out-of-warranty systems is a flat $50 plus parts and shipping.

Warranty - Accessories

All accessories (i.e. items sold under the "accessories" category on our web store) are covered by a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated on the product page. Some products may include a manufacturer's warranty. If so, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for warranty assistance.

Data Cards In Kit Systems

While the data cards used in FlightBox systems are normally quite robust, they can be damaged or corrupted over time. The Open Flight Solutions warranty does not cover data cards. However, we offer three options for our customers who require a data card replacement:

  1. We provide a copy of the system image and instructions for re-imaging the data card on our Support site. If your card is not physically damaged, you can re-image it by following the (reasonably) simple instructions provided.
  2. You can send us your card and we will re-image it for you. Be sure to send it in a rigid cardboard envelope or small box - postal equipment can destroy cards shipped in standard envelopes. The re-imaging service is free but we do charge $3 for return postage.
  3. You can order a replacement data card from our web store. Replacement cards come pre-imaged with the latest version of the software. They cost $10 + $3 shipping.

Shipping Cards For Re-Imaging

If you choose to ship a data card back to us for re-imaging, please use the following address:

Open Flight Solutions
Attn: Card Update
408 Camelot Dr.
Liberty, MO 64068

Please either include $3 in the (rigid, opaque) envelope or send it to us by PayPal at If you use PayPal, please be sure to add a note explaining that you've send a card in for re-imaging.

Shipping Products In For Repair Service

If you need to ship a system back to us for repair, please use the following address:

Open Flight Solutions
Attn: Repairs
10649 Nathanson Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014

Unless otherwise instructed to do so by Open Flight Solutions, do NOT ship antennas, power cables, batteries, or other accessories. Please include a brief note explaining the nature of the problem you are experiencing. Be sure to include your name and contact information. Note that we will invoice you for the repair, and and the invoice must be paid before we can return your system.