Talking ADS-B, Stratux and FlightBox at VAA


Talking ADS-B, Stratux and FlightBox at VAA

Tonight I’m going to be giving a talk on ADS-B, Stratux, and FlightBox at VAA (Vintage Aircraft Association) Chapter 16 in Gardner, Kansas. The talk is entitled “ADS-B For Everyone” and it includes a primer on ADS-B, a review of available options, an overview of the Stratux project, and a brief introduction to FlightBox. Gardner is within a few miles of the ADS-B ground tower at New Century airport (KIXD), so I hope to be able to do a live demo of weather and traffic.

I’ll update this post with a copy of the slides after the presentation.

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Bob StebbinsPosted on  3:04 pm - Mar 24, 2016

Will you be at SnF in April?

ErniePosted on  1:15 pm - Apr 5, 2016

Please indicate company and booth no. at Sun n’ Fun

JosuePosted on  12:46 pm - Apr 13, 2016

I built the stratux project, in on word ” awesome”. I like to ask if anyone has had complaints of interfering with either transponder or other onboard radios. If I insert the GPS dongle does it work without additional coding? I like this option so I power both ADS-B and GPS with one source. currently I have a GPX150 for location and Stratux for weather and traffic and the iPad shows a shadow of me as I travel.

    ssokolPosted on  1:21 pm - Apr 13, 2016

    The GPS add-on is pretty much just plug-and-play. You’ll need to go into the Settings tab of the Stratux configuration ( and turn it on. Be sure to use one of the recommended GPSs – the VK-172 or the GlobalSat BU-353-S4.

PattyPosted on  10:31 pm - Aug 8, 2016

August 08, 2016
HI, I purchased your antenna mount kit and high gain antenna’s and I’ve run into problem.
My Stratux box is not marked with identification as to which antenna is 978 or 1090. The TWO USB plug in has the following identification numbers : RTL2832 and the other reads R820T2.
Which antenna goes where from your high gain antenna kit ?

Thank you, Patty

    ssokolPosted on  11:21 pm - Aug 8, 2016

    Hi Patty,

    If you look at the metal USB plug on the radio modules you should see the frequency label. That should let you track the frequency to the appropriate bulkhead connector. Normally the 978 MHz UAT antenna is on the side closes to the power input, and the 1090-ES antenna is on the opposite side.



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