v1.0 Image File Now Available


v1.0 Image File Now Available

The system image file linked from the Re-Imaging Tutorial is now updated to include v1.0r1 of the Stratux software. The image has been tested on both Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 systems with positive results.

Note: Users only need to re-image their data card if they experience difficulties with an update or receive error notices indicating that the Linux image on their system is out of date.

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John LuckPosted on  7:32 am - Sep 20, 2016

Do you offer output format via wi-fi that conforms with NMEA to use in UK and Europe.

    ssokolPosted on  1:49 pm - Sep 20, 2016

    No. FlightBox outputs GDL-90 which includes an “ownship” message which has the equivalent data found in NMEA sentences. NMEA only provides location information while GDL-90 includes a large number of other data items (traffic, weather, etc.).

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