Web Store Coming Soon


Web Store Coming Soon

We have about a week left on the Kickstarter campaign, which is rather amazing – time flies. In preparation for “what comes next” we’ve started building out a web store that will take over when the Kickstarter ends. We will be offering both models of the FlightBox quick-build kit, plus the FlightBox case for those DIY-ers who want to build a system from scratch.

We’ve already placed an order for first run of cases and will be ordering the other components as soon as the Kickstarter funds arrive. If you’re interested in getting a FlightBox as soon as possible, please place an order on Kickstarter now – the kits will be shipped in “backer order” until all Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled. Only after those have been handled will we be able to process and ship web store orders.

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Michael BrooksPosted on  1:00 am - Feb 15, 2016

Hi Steve,

congratulations on the success of this product. I note that you’re not offering the product outside USA and Canada at present.

I live in Australia, where we have progressed somewhat with the intergration of ADSB. I have a 2020 complient RV9A, but am really keen to get ABSB in for traffic display . Unfortunately Dynon only offer a 978 mHz receiver and they have not signalled their intention to offer a 1090 receiver that will intergrate with the Skyview system. We have an iOS/Android navigation platform here, Ozrunways, which offers adsb intergration. I view your device as a very need solution to my needs. Although I would have been keen to sign up for the kickstart program, I would like to know if you anticipate the product being offered outside of the USA and Canada.


Michael Brooks

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